Calling all volunteers. We need you!

Thank you so much if you have already signed up to volunteer your time and energy during our event.  We are truly grateful.

If you haven’t yet volunteered, we could really use you for just a few hours.  Without the required number of volunteers, it will be difficult to run the event.  For example, at time of writing this post, we had only 5 of 12 required scrutineers on Friday morning.  With 9 very busy platforms, it is essential the results get tabulated efficiently.  It is very easy and there will lots of experienced people around you, so please think about spending this morning, or another time volunteering.  There are numerous openings for scrutineers each day.

Also in need of people to stand by Ballroom entrance to check admission passes.  It’s a great way to see everyone!  These are titled Security in the sign-up system, but rest assured you won’t need to tackle anyone.  Just a quick glance at their passes is all that’s required.

There are still openings for the very important job of marshaling the dancers from the Awards stage to the photography station and also directing the dancers’ arrangement/pose for the group shots.  It would be greatly appreciated if you have a knack for arranging the dancers if you could stand by and do this for each group.  Consistent direction will make for fast lines and great photos!

Find our Volunteer widget at the side of our web pages, or go directly to our SDCCS 2017 Volunteer Sign Up 

Volunteers are special people.  Thank you!


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