SDCCS 2018 Committee

Event Co-Chairs: Janice Jobin, Jill Friesen (SDA) (

Finance Co-Chairs: Kim Spence, Sharon Griffin

Competition Co-Chairs: Wendy Wilson (SDA), Lorna Thackery (SDA)

Facility Chair: Morgan MacDonald (SDA)

Marketing & Branding Chair: Tara Christie (SDA)

Social Media Co-Chairs: Alexandra Campbell (SDA), Elayna Campbell (SDA)

Sponsorship Chair: Charlotte Raggett

Awards Co-Chairs: Leah Smith (SDA), Sue Smith

Opening Ceremonies Chair: Sherril Medd (SDA)

Scrutineering Chair: Sara deNance

Merchandise Chairs: Nonie Fraser, Rebecca McKinnon (SDA)

Volunteer Chairs: Julie Ingalls (SDA), Shelly Forbes ( )

Hospitality Chairs: Kerrie Murray

Registration Chair: Heather Sjostrom (

Vendor Coordinator: Margaret Johnson (


It takes many volunteers to organize an event as large and exciting as the ScotDance Canada Championship Series. Thank you to everyone who has helped out!