The SDCCS2018 will be held over five days during the best time of year in Calgary – commencing Saturday, June 30 and concluding Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

An outline of the event schedule is as follows:


Friday, June 29 (evening)

  • Dancer Registration

Saturday, June 30

  • Dancer Registration
  • Pre-Premier Special (Beginner and Novice Trophy Fling; Intermediate Jig Special)
  • Preliminary Choreography Competition; winners to perform at opening ceremonies
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • ScotDance Canada AGM

Sunday, July 1

  • Pre-Premier Highland Competitions
  • Draw for Premier Special Event – Broadsword
  • Premier and Restricted Highland Competition
  • Teachers and Judges Social

Monday, July 2

  • Canadian Championships
  • SDCCS Banquet – Elevation Celebration

Tuesday, July 3

  • Pre-Premier National Competition
  • Premier Special Event – Broadsword
  • Restricted Premier Nationals
  • ScotDance Canada Scottish National Dance Premiership

Wednesday, July 4

  • Pre-Championship
  • ScotDance Canada Open Championship


Dancing event times are subject to change based on entries received.

Social event times and locations are subject to change.