Entry acceptance dates:

Individual Entries:

Online entries open at 13:00 hrs (1:00 pm) EDT on March 15, 2017.

*****Entries are closed*****

 Link will direct you to the registration form when entries open at set date and time above.

Need a visual? Here’s what the online entry fields will look like.  Use this as a reference to help you register online with ease.

Online Entry Data Fields

Choreography Entries:

Online entries open at 13:00 hrs (1:00 pm) EDT on March 19, 2017.

Limited choreography entries accepted. See Choreography Rules.

*****Entries are closed*****

Entry deadline dates:

Individual Entries:            

Late fee ($25.00) applies after 23:59 hrs (11:59 pm) EDT on May 28, 2017.

Online entries close at 23:59 hrs (11:59 pm) EDT on June 4, 2017.


Choreography Entries:   

Choreography entries are closed as the maximum number of entries has been reached.


NO ENTRIES will be accepted after June 4, 2017.

Name(s) may not appear in the program for entries received after May 28, 2017.

These deadline dates also apply to any changes or additions to previously received entries, other than for category changes.

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Entering online:

Online entries only. There will be no mail-in or email entries accepted.


Follow instructions on the website carefully. 

  • Entries will only be accepted via online registration; mail-in or email entries not accepted.
  • Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard) payment only.
  • Entries submitted must have a valid email address for confirmation.
  • Requests for refunds will not be considered.
  • Change of dancer’s status/category must be emailed to the Competition Registrar at immediately upon changing status.
  • Choreography entries will be limited to 20 Small Groups and 10 Large Groups.   At the discretion of the Organizing Committee, additional entries may be accepted. See Choreography rules on entry form for waitlist procedures.