Introducing the Calgary Dress Tartan!

SDCCS2018 is excited to introduce a new way to dress up in Calgary:

The Calgary Dress Tartan!!


The Calgary Dress Tartan project was initiated in the fall of 2013 to celebrate the ScotDance Canada Championship Series 2018 in Calgary; and all Calgary highland dancers. The new Calgary Dress Tartan is a variation of the Calgary Tartan which is a recognized community symbol of the City of Calgary, managed and owned by the St Andrew-Caledonian Society of Calgary.

The colours of the Calgary Dress Tartan are the same as the colours used in the Calgary Tartan, as is the sett of the tartan.


The colours represent:

Red: to honour the Calgary Stampede, Calgary’s sports teams and the original Calgary Tartan, whose predominant colour is red;

White: for the snow that grace’s Calgary and the Rocky Mountains for many months of every year; for Calgary’s renowned white Stetson; and to honour our highland dancers who wear dress tartans to compete;

Black: for the oil & gas industry;

Yellow: for the prairie grain fields that surround Calgary;

Blue: for Calgary’s blue skies; and the Bow and Elbow Rivers on which Calgary was founded;

Gray: for the scenic Rocky Mountains to the west.


Effective, May 11, 2018, the Calgary Dress Tartan is a registered commemorative tartan with the Scottish Register of Tartans, Edinburgh, Scotland. The registered owner of the tartan is the Calgary Highland Dancing Association.

The SDCCS 2018 Committee and the SDCCS 2018 Awards Committee thank Ian Johnson of Highland In Style and Gordon Kirkbright of GK Textiles Ltd for their hours of assistance to bring this tartan to a
reality. Thanks also to the City of Calgary for its letter of support to register the tartan, and the St Andrew-Caledonian Society of Calgary for their support with the Calgary Dress Tartan’s development.


Would you like to own a piece of this commemorative tartan?

We are thrilled to provide options for you to to be the first to purchase and wear the Calgary Dress Tartan!

Kilt Kit. 8 yards x 30” wide (one piece) – sufficient tartan to make a kilt – including the waistband.
Cost $250.00 CDN

Aboyne Kit. 4 yards x 30” wide (one piece), plus an additional piece of fabric for the waistband. Aboyne shawl – cut, fringed and ready to wear. Total cost: $220.00 CDN

Aboyne Shawl. Approx 36” x 36” – cut, fringed and ready to wear. It will look lovely with a white Aboyne dress! Total cost: $50.00 CDN


**All tartan for sale at this time is fabric that has been used for decorating for SDCCS 2018 – so it’s available at a discounted price.**

All the above will be available to take home after the last awards are completed on July 4th.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above, please e-mail Susan Smith at to make arrangements for payment and pick-up.

After SDCCS 2018, the Calgary Dress Tartan can be purchased exclusively from Highland In Style.


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