What does Excellence Look Like to You?

  There are many definitions of what excellence could look like for each dancer coming to #SDCCS2018. Maybe it is achieving a goal of practicing each day in the weeks leading up to the event, dancing clean dances, or making … Continued

SDCCS2018 needs you!

                  SDCCS2018 would love to have you volunteer and be part of the largest highland dance event in North America! There are lots of spots available for several things from walking with … Continued

SDCCS2018 Official registration and schedule now posted

Be sure to check out the SDCCS2018 website for the OFFICIAL SDCCS2018 registration form, including: schedule of events entry information rules & regulations individual and choreography entry broadsword steps   Have any questions? Email  SDCCS2018Reg@gmail.com   Entry Information

Sneak-a-Peak SDCCS2018 Registration

Every year the Calgary Stampede opens its gates a little early and let’s you sneak-a-peak at the rides, amazing food, and other awesome parts of The Greatest Show on Earth. Likewise, we though we would let you sneak-a-peak at the SDCCS2018 … Continued